Reginafalango 2015 Commercial Use License:

You are allowed to use my Commercial products to design digital scrapbook
Use kit pieces, papers, & elements that you will sell (for personal use) to consumers themselves.
You are allowed to use my Commercial Use products in Scrap For Others
kits you design so long as the final result is delivered in a flattened.jpg/.png form
You are allowed to use my commercial Use products for freebies as long as you modify them
Such as apply a style, texture, attach something to them or attach them to something.
Modifying only color is not satisfying.
Credit is not required but it is appreciated.
you are not allowed to modify them in order to sell them as your own commercial use,
 you cannot make and sell printed kits/elements for retail stores, logos, commercial
website/blog designs , digital/rubber stamps, cards, gift tags, invites, announcements, print on
demand, clothing, fabric, vinyl art etc).
You are not allowed to turn the original or derivative designs over to any company for any reason.
You are not allowed to Claim these files as your own
You are not allowed to Share these files with anyone
You are not allowed to Use these files as part of a layered template or sketch
You are not allowed to use UP TO30% of this Commercial Use images in a single kit/product
If you are interested in any other type of use, or if you’re interested in a specific use, please
contact me at : 
Beware these rules may change depending on the products, I recommend you check well the conditions of use included in the ZIP file,
Reginafalango 2015  Personel Use license :

The items are designed for your personal use and may not be used in any commercial way.
You may not offer them in any other graphics collection, on a website, or individually, either for sale or free, create a competing product from them to sell or redistribute, and are not allowed to trade or share this kit.
You may not add to or distort, alter or re-color any graphic and claim them as your own.
You may not make any graphics into tubes or brushes and redistribute them in any way.
Do not use these images for obscene, defamatory, or immoral works or for any other purpose that is prohibited by law.
Feel free to alter these images to fit your scrapbooking needs, including resizing, recoloring and cropping as long as credit is given to the designer (Reginafalango).
You may not submit entire kits, individual elements or templates as your own design to magazines - online or print editions, or online websites or groups.
You must ask for the authorization to me of use my kits to make a Website, blog … or any other use for the Net. You must show me your work at the end. Thank you
If you use these graphics in a layout submitted to an online gallery, magazine or other publication you must give credit to Reginafalango
One of the greatest thing about doing kit is to see someone use it. Then, I would love to hear from you and see your work.
Please email me at :